Premium Direct Print Custom Poker Chips

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Personalized Poker Chips are becoming wildly popular as they have a variety of applications for people and businesses around the world. Whether they are used as a poker chip business card, for marketing or branding, a wedding or party favor, a drink token, a military challenge coin or for a great personalized gift set for any poker player, getting the right quality chip is important. After doing extensive research to provide the best possible product, Custom Made Casino has recently unveiled our Premium Direct Print Process. 



There are many different processes in which personalized poker chips are printed. The most popular is known as a custom inlay. This is where the poker chips are made with a recessed center and a custom insert is printed on and inserted into the center of the chip (See our 8 stripe inlay chip). While this has been the norm for some time and is still a great quality print process, more people have been looking for an alternative with the imprint being directly on the poker chip in full color. Custom Made Casino has created a perfect solution with our premium print process that prints directly onto the poker chip in full color! There will be no peeling or rubbing off as the ink is dried instantly as it is prints. Our premium direct print poker chips are an incredible option for long term use, feel and durability.


Feel free to contact us for a sample, request a free virtual proof or customize yours today @ , the premier company in custom poker chips. 


Premium Direct Print Chips:

The 6 Stripe Direct Print Chip

The 6 Stripe Deluxe Chip 

The Dice Full Color Chip 


Custom Inlay Chips:

The 8 Stripe Custom Inlay



Adam Marks

Founder of Custom Made Casino 






3 Comment(s)

Frank Lynn:
24/12/2015, 12:13:21 PM

Hello, I am the Director of a riding club in Texas and we are sponsoring a Rally at the end of April 2016. This will be our 10th annual Rally and I would like to get some Poker Chips made to commemorate the event. Can you give me a call to discuss this briefly after Christmas? My Contact phone number is 713-876-4159. Thank You! Frank

David L. Nail:
04/03/2016, 10:27:54 AM

Can a greyscale photo of someone be (im)printed onto these or any of the casino chips here?.?

Don Ahern:
10/10/2016, 09:46:08 AM

Following up on a proof request. 818-723-0511

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