Branding with Custom Poker Chips:


In a world of social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and various platforms, it can be more difficult than ever to have your business stand out. There are literally millions of companies advertising and competiting with eachother on a global scale trying to be seen. In marketing and advertising, we all want to go viral and be quickly exposed to millions of people in an instant. While we are all swiging for that home run, that we many times forget the base hits and basic building blocks to growing a business and client base. In a high tech world, it is becoming a lost art to be high touch. 


Custom Poker Chips as a unique business card are a great way to stand out everytime you meet a potential client. Now, I know what you're probably thinking. What do poker chips have to do with growing my business? On the surface, the answer would seem to be nothing unless you own a casino. That being said, the results we have seen might just make you think twice.


I am an entreprenuer and run a few businesses including a custom suit company called Mr. Custom Made and a branding golf business Custom Made Golf Events . As I am out and about at networking events, opportunities arise to give out business cards. For most people, this is just a formality. For myself, this has become a huge opportunity to get a potential client and make a lasting impression. I take their card first and then nonchalantly hand out my custom poker chip with our company logo on it and contact information and like clockwork, the conversation begins. "Oh wow, this is your businesss card? This is the coolest business card I have seen". 


Time and time again, the same situation occurs, the same conversation happens as if I was Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. It is predictable, it is consistent and it creates "wow" factor. This lead in creates more rapport and a lasting impression. Many times when I then reach out to the client they instantly remember and say "Oh you're the guy with the poker chip, how's it going?". It has turned a cold lead into someone that remembers me and is warm and open to business. 


This may not be the homerun that everyone is looking on the front end but the long term effect can surprise you. One client leads to a referral which leads to many referrals which increases your sales and organic traffic. As your organic traffic rises, so will your oganic positions.. As you rise up on google, yahoo, bing and others, your overall exposure and sales increases with very minimal expense. In a world where everyone is looking for the shortcut, sometimes the answer is to play the long game and get the right pieces lined up in the puzzle. 


Custom Made Casino is the premier company in custom poker chips, personalized casino chips and corporate logo poker chip sets. You can design your set instantly online or let our profesional desginers help you do it for free. Once you place your order, we will ship out in 3 to 5 business days with rush options as quick as one day. Take your business to the next level and create your customize casino chips for your business today!