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Ultimate Guide To Playing Poker For Dummies

Are You a Beginner? Here is a Complete Guide to Play Poker!




Do you want to bluff all day to your friends about having the best cards in the entire group? But have no clue on how to even start playing? Well, don’t worry, we have compiled a guide to pokers for dummies and we’ll help you become the best at this so-called difficult game or at least teach you how to bluff the best!


Poker has many different variations and numerous ways to play. Among them, the most famous variation is Texas Hold’em and you'll see people around the world playing this one. However, we’ll discuss the variations afterward, but first, we should look at the positions and card threads that are the same in all games and need to be understood before you pick up the cards to play any poker game!


Card Ranking and Positions of Poker 

The poker cards in a deck are ranked individually. They go from top to bottom in the following way:

  • A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

In poker, you're betting to create the best hand of five cards. This best hand can go many different ways. Usually, you endeavor to create the following:

  • Three of a Kind
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Full House

However, you're attempting to get your cards in the order of strongest to weakest. In poker, the higher the card value, the stronger it is. So, for example, if you hold up a pair of Aces, you can easily beat a pair of queens. Another example would be if you have a straight of 7-8-9-10-J, you can easily beat another straight of 5-6-7-8-9!


Types of poker

As mentioned before, there are numerous variations of poker, each with its own set of rules and attributes. Here are the most popular ones that everyone is ready to play at all times. Here’s what you have to look for!

Texas Hold’em

Before mastering this popular version of poker, you first need to know the basics of playing it and the differences it has from the other poker variants.

  • In Texas Hold'em, you get dealt with two “hole cards”
  • Five “Community Cards” are given out in the middle which can be used by all players
  • The players then construct their strongest five-card hand, using both the cards, the private ones as well as the ones in the middle.

Remember these rules, and you'll play Texas Hold'em beautifully!

Omaha Hi

This is another version of poker, let's see how it differs from Texas Hold'em!

  • When playing Omaha Hi, you are given four “hole cards”
  • In the middle, five “community cards” are dealt
  • In this game, you have to make a strong hand of cards using the two “hole cards” given to you and three taken from the “community cards” collection
  • If you have more “hole cards”, your chances of achieving a “Powerhouse” hand are high but achieving things like “High Aces” are low, making your chances of winning slim

Omaha Hi-Lo

The last famous version of poker is the Omaha Hi-Lo, similar to Omaha Hi, but a bit more complex.

  • This game is of a fixed limit, also known as Omaha 8 or better.
  • The winning pot in this game is split 50/50 at the end of each hand
  • The half goes to the winner with the highest value and the other half goes to the hand that has the lowest value


Positions in Poker

Take a seat at the table. Now, your position will change according to the order of poker play. It changes with every hand relative to the card dealer.

  1. If the order of playing starts with you, then you're in Early Position
  2. When your turn comes last, your position is called the Late Position
  3. If your turn comes in the middle that you're automatically dubbed to have the Middle Position

These positions determine your betting positions as well. This is the worst for the first person to have their turn. They usually go for a blind bet as they don’t know how many stronger hands there are in the players.


Basic Poker Rules

These are the rules that you need to know whenever you're playing poker. Here's a rundown of the basic rules:

  1. The goal is to get the strongest five-card hand or at least make people believe that you have the strongest one.
  2. When it’s your turn, you can either fold (put your cards down face down and not play further if you think you will lose) or you could make a bet, and make a call to raise any existing bets.
  3. If it’s your turn, you can fold any time
  4. If two players remain till the end of the final betting, there is a showdown where both are asked to reveal their cards, and the one with the strongest card hand wins!
  5.  If everyone has folded by the end except for you then, you win that round. This is where all that bluffing comes into play. You don’t have the strongest hand, but you still win cleverly!


Play, Bet, Bluff, and Win!


Betting in poker works with confidence, you have the confidence that you can build the strongest card hand, or even if you can't, you can win with bluffing and make everyone else fold. So, play the best game of poker with custom poker chips and custom poker chip sets from Custom Made Casino and win by either making the strongest hand or bluffing your way to the top!


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