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Guide to Custom Poker Chips | Custom Made Casino

Custom Poker Chips

Custom Poker Chips

No matter the occasion, custom poker chips make the perfect accessory to bring with you. Custom chips can make for the perfect business promotions, drink tokens, golf ball markers, wedding favors, gifts, and much more. These chips are incredibly versatile and finding a custom, personalized solution will bring something incredibly special to any occasion.

Custom Made Casino offers the premier brand of completely customizable poker chips, poker chip sets, and premium poker tables. Working with Custom Made Casino, you get complete control over the designs of your poker chips or other poker related items. We will provide you with a virtual proof of your design so you can make sure it fits your needs. Learn more about our custom poker chips and the great customization features you get when working with us.

Custom Made Poker Chips

With our premium poker chips, we aim to provide as many options and designs to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. Best of all, you can handle the customization completely online. As we mentioned, there are a lot of great uses for custom poker chips so it is great you can get a design to fit any occasion.

What Are Poker Chips Made Of?

There are plenty of different materials that can be used to make poker chips. However, the vast majority of casino poker chips are made of clay. Many chips utilize a composition of materials in order to make them more durable and give you more use out of the chips. Some chips even use earthen materials like sand and chalk. The process of making poker chips is often a trade secret that can vary depending on the manufacturer. Here is a look at some of the main materials that are found in poker chips.

Clay: As mentioned, this is the most common material found in casino poker chips. The chips made from this material can have a wide range of quality and costs. Many clay chips have additional materials to make them stronger. This chips have better grip and allow them to stack effectively. Stripes are made by cutting out a portion of the clay and filling it with a different colored piece of clay.

Composite: These types of chips are made by a wide variety of materials. These types of chips are often less expensive and extremely durable. They are a great option for poker leagues that will promise they’ll get plenty of use without breaking. However, these chips can have a more slippery feel that doesn’t allow them to stack as easily.

Ceramic: One of the best parts of ceramic chips is that the chip can have a graphic that is part of the chip. This is unique to ceramic chips. These are often more expensive because the design is part of the chip. Several casinos use these types of chips because of their unique look and beautiful designs.

How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real

The concern about whether a poker chip is real or not is when it is associated with a casino. The chip often holds a certain monetary value that can give you a payout from the casino. For the most part, you’ll be interested in figuring out if a chip is real or not when you find out it has a five thousand dollar value.

Counterfeiting poker chips is almost as old as the game itself. The history of chips is full of counterfeiting. It was immediately tempting to recreate something that represented far more value than it was actually worth. However, casinos are well aware of the practice and it is more difficult to counterfeit chips than it is to counterfeit currency.

Because it is so difficult to counterfeit poker chips, chances are, the chip you found is not authentic. Between the different weights, designs, and patterns, casinos go a long way to make their chips too unique to replicate. However, if you are simply playing on your own or with a group, any chip should be fine to use as long as you all agree on its value.

Choosing The Perfect Poker Chip Set

Picking a poker chip set for your group or party can be difficult. You don’t want to fall short and not have enough chips to host multiple people at the table. For the most part, 500 chips in 4 different colors will work well for groups of 10 or fewer. If you plan on having larger tournaments that exceed 10 players, 1000 chips is often great for up to 20 players.

Custom Made Casino offers chip sets in several different sizes. We have chip sets of 100, 300, 500, and 1000 available. You can pick a wide variety of styles for your chips to get a truly customized look for your tournaments. You have the option to have names, initials, logos, and photos added to your set that will give the chips a completely personalized feel.

Design Your Own Poker Chips

As mentioned, you get complete control over the design of your poker chips. The chips don’t necessarily have to be used to play poker. Chips can be promotional, used as tokens at an event, or even as items in gift bags. Here are some of the options you have available through Custom Made Casino.

When designing your chips, you can start by picking the material it is made out of. We offer chips made of clay, ceramic, or composite materials. From there, you can choose the text or logo you want included on the chip. You will get a proof of your design within 24 hours. This will allow you to look at the chips and see if they are exactly what you want.

Personalize And Buy Custom Poker Chips Today!

Don’t miss out on having a personalized set of custom poker chips. These allow you to bring your own flavor to the poker tournament and express yourself through your chips. You can even get something specially made for your friends and family. Want to get started? Visit our website to customize your poker chips today!



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