Popular Uses for Custom Poker Chips

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What can you do with Custom Poker Chips? This is a question I get all of the time as people find out I work for a company that produces personalized poker chips. The truth is, there are an incredible amount of ways you can use customized poker chips to your benefit. Custom Made Casino specializes in helping companies create these to grow their brand, as wedding favors, for drink tokens, personalized poker gifts and a lot more. Below are some examples of the most popular uses both personally and professionally that has led so many people to be excited about designing their own poker chips.  



Popular Personalized Poker Chips Uses: 


1) Unique Business Cards - Everyone has a business card and we get them and pass them out all the time. Just as quickly, people use or throw them out. Personalized Poker Chips as business cards is a unique way to grab people's attention and leave a lasting impression. Check out our most popular poker chip business card HERE


2) Personalized Poker Gifts - Father’s Day, Holidays, Birthdays ... all a great time to give a personalized gift. Our custom poker chip sets are affordable, and you can put the name, initials or a custom design as a great gift for someone important in your life. You can have the colors represent the chip values or select the option for denomations to have all the proper chip values on the color chips. You can view our personalized poker chip sets here 


3) Custom Drink Tokens - Bars, Restaurants, Pubs ... all like to put a little pizazz into their business. Many use personalized poker chips as a great way to offer customers a promotion to redeem for a free drink or appetizer.


4) Wedding Favors - Everyone wants their special day to be just that, special. Personalized Wedding Tokens with the picture of the bridge and groom and a special message is a great touch, especially for Vegas wedding. We also offer groomsmen sets as a great gift for your groomsmen. 


5) Custom Poker Chip Golf Ball Markers : One of the most popular uses, people love to use these on the course. Create your own for the next round of 18 with your friends with your logo or photo and give them game a little extra something. It might even help improve your score :) 


6) Tradeshows - Want people to remember the booth you are showcasing your products? Give these custom poker chips out with your booth # and a personalized message to get more people back to learn about what you do! 


These are just a few of the many uses for customized tokens, view our full collection at Custom Made Casino and create your poker chips today! 



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