Custom Poker Chips - The Perfect Marketing Tool

Posted by Adam 02/03/2016 3 Comment(s)

In a world full of technology, innovation, and start-ups everywhere you turn, it has become more and more difficult to differentiate yourself and your product in this global economy. A standard business card or flyer just does not get the job done anymore to stand out and rise above the competition. The marketplace has changed and changing times require changing measures. 


Custom Made Casino recognized this need these past few years and has become one of the industry leaders in Custom Poker Chips as a creative marketing tool to bridge the gap and make a strong and lasting impression as an individiaul, brand or company. Today, people want more than just the norm or status quo, they want that wow factor. If you look at the current political landscape, love it or hate it, the candidates getting the most attention are not those necessarily with the most well articulated policies, but those who know how to create that factor and stand out amoung the masses. If you log onto Facebook, Social Media, Instagram, Twitter or any social media platform, the newsfeeds are endless with posts, but the ones that catch the eye are the ones that grab the attention. In business, that attention is invaluable. 


Whether you are promoting a major corporation, own a small business or practice, are in Real Estate or any occupation looking to expand your brand, Custom Poker Chips are a great way to market your product/service and make a lasting impression. These customized chips can be used as a unique business card, a discount coupon, special promotion or they can even have a QR code that leads directly to your website or YouTube channel. Whatever your idea is, if it can fit on a poker chip, Custom Made Casino can put it together for you. View examples below or check out our instagram to see hundreds of different ways these custom poker chips are helping companies grow. Customize your chips today @





Adam Marks

Founder of Custom Made Casino 



3 Comment(s)

Kimberley butler:
23/03/2016, 04:38:18 PM

We are having a annual fundraiser and was wondering how much a two sided poker chip would be.

25/03/2016, 11:36:23 AM

Hi Kimberly, That depends which chip you are looking at, below is a link with the different chips and pricing. All full color chips include imprint on both sides with free set-up.

Amanda Schmeling:
11/06/2016, 03:43:45 PM

Hello, I am looking to buy my parents personalized poker chips that read: Don & Lenore's Parkview Poker Lounge Metallic Gold lettering 50 black, 50 blue, 100 green, 150 red, 150 white Is tgis possible? Would we be able to see a sample pic? How much would it be delivered to Saskatchewan, Canada?

Rick Wood:
07/10/2016, 06:17:25 AM

Interested in designing a military chip with slight differences between chip holders (I.e. Commander's chip is different from Chiefs chip is different from Flight chip is different from general distribution chip for Flight visitors). Can you assist in this desire?

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