How to Play Poker Card Games

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Poker can be a complicated game. To add to the complications there are many different ways to play poker. The two most popular games of poker are three-card draw and Texas hold’em, but there are a number of variations that can slightly alter the gameplay. Regardless of the style of poker you play, they each follow the same basic rules.

Custom Made Casino allows you to create personalized poker chips to be given out as gifts or party favors. We can even provide you with an entire set of custom chips that you can use in your own games of poker. If you are looking to play poker, it may benefit you to know the different ways the game can be played. Here’s a look at some of the variations of poker.

Learn The Basics To Poker

The most important part of poker is understanding the 10 different hands you can have in the game. The type of hands each player has will determine how they play and who wins in any round of the game. The goal of any game is to have the best hand or convince your opponents that you have the best hand.

The next thing to know is the basic gameplay to the game. When you play, there is the option to have a set dealer or take turns dealing. The dealer gives each player 5 cards. Players can then place their bets, fold, see/call, check, or raise. Once these actions have been made, the remaining players can showdown and see who has the best hand.

Variations To Poker

The basic parts of the game mentioned above play a role in any game of poker but there are small variations to the rules. Here are some of the types of games that can change how the game is played:

Three-Card Draw

Three-card draw and Texas hold’em are the most popular ways to play Poker. Three-card draw is the most basic game of poker that plays with all the basic moves described above. Players are dealt 5 cards and can enter or leave the game depending on how they feel about their cards.

Texas Hold’em

This style of the game works a bit differently. Each player is dealt two secret cards and then there are community cards dealt in the center. The center cards are dealt in 3 stages. The first stage, three cards are dealt into the middle. In the second stage, the next card is burned and then another card is played in the center. The third stage does the same as the second. Players try to make the best 5 card hand out of the 7 cards available.

Straight Poker

In straight poker, the players are dealt 5 cards and after a round of betting, the best hand wins. Players do not draw any extra cards to make a better hand. They simply play with the first cards they’d been dealt.


This game of poker simply reverses the object of the game. Normally, players go for the best hand. In Lowball, the goal is to have the hand with the lowest value.

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