Entrepreneurship Series

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All entrepreneurs start the same way, they have a dream they want to accomplish, and the guts to pursue it. Eighteen months ago, Custom Made Casino was just a thought. Today, it has serviced thousand of customers and shipped out millions of custom poker chips around the world. Whether for a business promotion, wedding favor, golf ball marker or personalized gift, CustomMadeCasino.com always looks to provide a great quality product at an affordable price that creates a lasting impression. We continue to look at new innovative technology to enhance the customer experience as we move into the future. Since the launch of CMC, we have launched CustomMadeGolfEvents.com and are excited to welcome CMGE to The Custom Made Brand. 


In today's world, everything is moving fast. While opportunities are plentiful, security has become scarce as companies come and go. Many people want more security for themselves and their family and want to start their own business. Unfortunetly most are afraid to take the risk or do not have the know how to start their own business. Here at CMC, we believe one of the biggest parts of the american dream is not just financial success but being tight as a family unit. We have been fortunate to work with Founder of Wall Street Corporate Finance Academy, my brother, Jonathan Marks. WSCFA provides training for entrepreneurs, real estate and financial professionals at all levels. Whether you are a novice just looking to get into the industry or are already successful in your respective field, WSCFA provides the perfect educational solution. 


Recently, we were fortunate enough to work with and sponsor WSCFA's Luis Ortiz Real Estate Boom event in New York City. It was a spectaclar event where hundreds of professionals from around the country flew in to listen and learn from Million Dollar Listing Star Luis D. Ortiz teach and tell his story. Fast forward to 2015, WSCFA is hosting an Entrepreneurship Series featuring a star to be announced, from hit show "Shark Tank" teaching people at all levels how to be successful entrepreneurs . This will be a great opportunity to learn how to start your own business or grow your current business and network with top professionals from around the country. Go to WSCFA.com for all informaion. We will be a sponsor of the event and look forward to meeting you at our booth! 


I would wish you luck in your future endeavors, however , you will not need it as success is a planned event! 


Adam Marks

Founder of CustomMadeCasino.com


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