Custom Poker Chips have become wildly popular over the last five years. From personalized poker chip sets as gifts to poker chip business cards, customized wedding favors, drink tokens, military challenge coins and more, custom poker chips have filled a need for a variety of uses. That being said, not all poker chips are created equal. There are different ways to print on poker chips for different uses and price ranges. Below, we will explore how to customize poker chips using the major print methods, the pros and cons of each and our recommendations based on the use of the poker chips.





Custom Inlay: This is the most popular print method for custom poker chips. Generally, this is done on an 8 stripe custom poker chip (see picture below). These chips are specifically manufactured with a slightly recessed center so custom inserts can be printed on and put into the center of the chip. The inserts have a strong glue adhesion to adhere in the center of the poker chip. The imprint area is typically 1.25" and is high resolution. This is one of the most economical options for a full color print on the poker chips and allows for great print quality. We would recommend this print method for promotional giveaways, charities and for casual use. There has been a negative stigma at times with this print method as some people refer to the print process as using "stickers". While they are technically a sticker, because the poker chip has a recessed center, it lays into the chip, not on top of however for those that are particular and want a more durable print process for consistent use, we would recommend a direct print option. To provide a product to satisfy all of our customers, Custom Made Casino has added two options to this product. For those that like the inlay process but want a more durable print, we have added a gloss/laminate coating option for extra protection. For those that love the 8 stripe design but want a direct print, we have created a new chip without the recessed center and now offer direct print on this chip as well. Overall, this is a very popular chip and is great for branding, a giveaway or charity and is very economical. For those that want the highest quality and are willing to pay slightly more, we recommend direct print. 



Premium Direct Print:  Direct Print Poker Chips have been quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to print on poker chips. While different companies use different machinery, Custom Made Casino uses a premium print process to directly print on the personalized poker chips digitally in full color. Our process dries the ink as soon as it's applied for incredible durability and long term use. We consider this the best print method for a full color print for all uses. We offer this on our 6 stripe chip, our 6 stripe deuxe, our dice full color and now as an upgraded option on our 8 stripe inlay. The only con of this chip is that it is slightly more expensive than an inlay, however, it is still economical and worth the additional cost if budget allows. 


Hot Stamp / Foil Stamp: Foil stamped custom poker chips are by far the most economical option for poker chips, specifically at quantities of 500 and above. This is a one color print method that is typically done in a Gold or Silver Metallic foil print however normal print colors are available as well. A custom metal die is created with your imprint and put into special machinery at over 300 degrees where your custom imprint is pressed into the poker chip. This is an incredibly durable print process and great for consistent use. We recommend this print method for any imprint that can be done in one color. Overall, this is very popular for customized poker chip sets, drink tokens, promotional use and giveaways and is extremely economical if a full color logo / photo is not needed. 


Ceramic Sublimation: Ceramic custom poker chips start off completely blank. Unlike the other poker chips which are pre-designed and the center is printed, these are blank white tokens where you can customize the entire front and back of the poker chips. The way these are printed on poker chips is with a sublimation print process where the imprint is actually baked into the poker chips. While the print is very durable, ceramic chips themselves are slightly less durable than standard poker chips as a ceramic material can chip when dropped. For those looking for an item that does not look like a poker chip but can have their full design on the front and back, this is a great option. Ceramic is a more expensive material so ceramic does tend to be more expensive than standard poker chips. Overall, this is the most expensive option but allows for the most customization and is great for anyone that wants to have a maximum size imprint with their design covering the full chip. 


Custom Made Casino is the premier company in custom poker chips. View our full collection HERE or contact us with any questions that you may have! 



Adam Marks

Founder of Custom Made Casino