Posted by Adam 22/06/2016 0 Comment(s) is happy to announce its three year anniversary! It all started with an idea and a dream. To bring custom poker chips and personalized poker chip sets to the market in an easy, user friendly and economical way where anyone could create their own customized poker chips. The eventual founder and entreprenuer, Adam Marks, realized there was an incredible amount of uses for these chips whether it be business promotion, marketing, wedding or party favors, golf ball markers and ofcourse for poker players. His goal was simple. Develop a user friendly website where people can see their designs put together by a graphic team before ordering and take most of the work out of the customers hands. By making it simple for the customer and offering many high quality options at great pricing, the entire marketplace could expand and open up. It was soon after where Custom Made Casino was born. 


The first step was simple, to create a website and start developing a platform. At the time, we started small but we had big visions for the future. We developed a simple website with GoDaddy and worked with a local chip supplier to bring the chips in and print in house in our office / factory in New York. At the time, we had one print method which was a custom inlay print process where chips were made with a slightly recessed center and custom labels were printed on and put into the chip. We started to market the website online and develop customers. At first, it was not a success. Like with all things that are important, it required persistence, change and improvement. We realized we had to make some adjustments , add some products and learn how to become better. It was at this time that we started significant research and development, brought on new chips and machinery and continued to enhance our process. 


Fast forward today and we are very proud to have developed many new products since,  enhance our current product line and provide the best experience possible for our customers. We have added premium direct print poker chips, gold foil stamping, ceramic sublimation and more. In the process we are happy to have added many jobs to people in the local community and continue to look to expand, grow and provide a great product and service for our customers. 


We want to say thank you to all of our customers who support us and continue to be part of the Custom Made brand and we want to say thank you to all of our staff that has made this journey possible. We look forward to an incredible future as we continue to expand and grow our custom poker chip line and add many more exciting products in the process. 



The Custom Made Casino Team 


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